Surprising large breasts that aren't detected until unwrapped.
I can't really tell what's going on under Susan's puffy blouse. You think she's got some Secret Santas?
by coffeecakes May 12, 2015
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This is a method of exchanging gifts amongst a group of people. All members enter their name into a pot. Then each member draws a name. You buy a Christmas gift for the person whose name you've drawn. You're supposed to keep the name of person you've drawn secret: thus "secret" santa.
Due to 8 years of Bush regime rule, we are now too poor to buy each member of the family a gift, so we'll do secret santa this year.
by rich rick March 30, 2010
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Doing someone doggy style and secretly slipping on a Santa hat, while continuing sexual intercourse.
Michael: You are oblivious to the fact that I just pulled a Secret Santa on you, aren't you?
by tg2069 May 6, 2010
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A prank that involves dropping of deuce (poop) into the back part of toilet, so that everytime they flush, the water tank empties and the poop hits the open air greeting them with a stinky suprise to last the whole year round. ho ho ho...
I was at a cable job and the customer pissed me off so bad, I left them a secret santa in thier toilet.
by Tony Baggadonas October 12, 2004
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The act of nutting(ejaculating, cumming, skeeting) in your hands, then sneaking up behind someone and rubbing a santa-esque beard on their face. This maneuver is only done during the holiday season.
Jill- That fucker Danimal came up behind me last night at the christmas party and gave me a secret santa!

Delilah- Hot.
by Killa_D.eez nuts! December 26, 2011
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When the male partner decorates his member with christmas ornaments such as tinsel or Christmas lights. (Does not work with jewish Holidays).
Johnny gave me a Secret Santa last night. It took me three hours to get all the semen off the tinsel.
by Mikkkkkkke December 9, 2006
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When a man sneak up behind another person and lodges their sack (testicles) up another person's chimney(anus/rectum)
by The Worlds Greatest, Ever. November 9, 2017
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