Any man that was given the birthname of Daniel or Dan that is a savage pornstar in bed, who goes for hours just to bust once, and then does again just for the sport of it. Also known for his borderline alcoholism.
Girl 1: "How was your night last night?"
Girl 2: "Danimal came over, now I can't walk without limping, in fact I think I need a wheelchair."
by D:D May 1, 2006
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Dan·i·mal Dan-uh-muhl


1. Any male named "Dan" with a unique ability to be the life of the party or consume copius amounts of alcohol and remain functional in social settings.
The night really sucked until Danimal showed up!
by budlightlime March 12, 2010
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One who is vastly superior to all others in terms of golf, academics, and the social scene. A Danimal typically pulls off spectacularily clutch shots when needed and responds with ferocious roars. Danimals are animals in all aspects of life, and are bound for success.
Jack: "Yo dude Danny just had to chip in to force extra holes, and he made it"

Teddy: "I know man he's so ferocious and clutch. He's just a monster out on CCR. What a Danimal"

Chris: "He certainly has a salsbury future ahead of him."
by swellsbury69 October 13, 2011
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A term that commonly refers to a species of beastly men who tear shit up in bed, mudruns, and are ferocious on the weekends. These Danimals have been known to chew on the bones of small dogs and watch small children get smacked.

If one comes across a Danimal, hide your kids hide your wife.
Danimal: Just think of a mix between a bear, wolverine, pirate, Steve McQueen, and Angus Young
by Danimal Newcomer April 20, 2011
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The HUGE fanbase of the intense purple sexy ninja pickle, Danny Noriega!
Fan: Ohmygod! It's Danny! (screams) Danny, I love your guts!!!

Danny: I love your guts more! I love all my Danimals' guts!

by SavannahRae April 27, 2008
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a loser who thinks he's good in bed.. but he can't even get it up
omg my boyfriend came over last night and i realised he's such a danimal.
by you know lol November 16, 2006
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That one friend at the bottom of the leaderboard… the anchor… the ROCK for that squad. The person that someone can yell at. That person to take all the blame. Danimal, you at the bottom of the leaderboard with the 2 kills and 100 damage you are the ROCK. You are the foundation of that team. And you where that shit. Like a warrior. A Danimal also doesn’t catch onto social queues, has tunnel vision, and is very money driven. A Danimal is that guy you can rely on to be a distraction. The decoy. The mirage. A DMAUL, is reliable… because he’s predictable.
You died to fall damage… again? You’re such a Danimal…

Bro you got bottom of the leaderboard again? Okay, Danimal.
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