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An italian word for group
was used in the sicilian mafia for certen groups under a Don
for example a Don would have underbosses, the underboss would have a group of their own men that were loyal to them
these were called regimes
Dante's regime is going to move out to Las Vegas and start up buisiness there
by celticskin November 8, 2007
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A system of government comprising of the four influences: state, society, market, and the global insertion.
A healthy regime has a caring state with a strong sense of social responsibility and an open and thriving market and with good international relationships with other countries.
by Nathar Leichoz February 15, 2005
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A rap group led by Yukmouth.

Current members are: Yukmouth, Ampichino, Chino Nino, Dizzle Don, Dorasel, Dru Down, Gonzoe, Govnormatic, Tech N9ne, Tha Realest, The Fleet, Marc Shyst, Messy Marv, Monsta Gunjah, Nyce, Poppa LQ, Pretty Black, and Young Dru

No, I haven't heard of any of these guys excluding Dru Down, Tha Realest, Tech N9ne, and of course Yukmouth either.

Former Members: Don Stryke, E-Blak, Lil Ke, Menace, Phats, and Young Skrilla

Again, I haven't heard of any of these guys either.
Regime Mobstaz is a great song
by cinnamontoast July 5, 2006
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Crappy clan on xbox live, originated as part of KSI (but was later thrown out for lack of skill), created by one person pretending to be several people.
I thought I was a noob until I played BUKY REGIME.
by Sir. McNubbs April 24, 2008
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A. The street thug term for describing the process in which the colon collects fesces.
B. A mob term for the collection of "taxes."
C. Pooping
A. Man I couldn't poop all day, my duty regime was all messed up.

B. Yesterday us wise guys collected $3,000 from the duty regime.

C. Oh man! Oh Man! Oh Man! here comes the duty regime.
by Christina Fong February 18, 2009
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