The building the is synonymous of Chicago presence. The city of big shoulders.
the Sears Tower looks good at night from lake shore drive with a hot date
by Taylor Racine December 15, 2003
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a sex move where the guy gets up on a dresser (or some other high place in the bedroom or wherever ur doing it) and the girl lays below with her legs up in the air and spread, and the guy jumps down trying to land his dick in her pussy
Last night i was trying to sears tower my girl and i missed, it hurt like hell
by Andrew Kais April 22, 2008
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When you get a stiffy before a girl even touches you.
When Joanna walked by Mark, he immediatly turned into the Sears Tower.
by Noah November 25, 2004
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The tallest skyscraper in the U.S., it has stood as the tallest for 35 years. It's located in Chicago, Illinois.
The tower has 108 floors, although occasionally the main roof and mechanical penthouse are counted as floors 109 and 110.

Bruce Graham was the chief architect for this building.
The Sears Tower has two large antennas which increase its height dramatically.
On a clear day, you're able to see across Lake Michigan to Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin from the observation deck on the 103rd floor.
The building leans slightly, about 4 inches due to its slightly asymmetrical design, this can sometimes be felt by tower inhabitants.
The Sears Tower is cool.
by I'mAnonymous March 25, 2008
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A term for an improvised smoking device made by rolling the tobacco out of the front end of a cigarette and replacing it with weed. Dubbed "Sears Tower" because it gets you high and is common practice in the city of Chicago.
by D.P. & J. S. March 01, 2009
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The best, most awesome way to an hero. Guaranteed success, and an awesome fall to boot! Do it while it's snowing for maximum win.
Tom: Hey, how are you gonna kill yourself?
Me: Isn't it obvious - sears tower suicide all the way!
by jackasaur December 30, 2011
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