Get ignored ; some one ignores you ; you get rejected
I’ve been getting dubbed by Richard a lot recently because he has a gf now .
by Snsgvabs February 27, 2018
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when you don't pass the ash tray with a joint.
"Awww man, chief you dubbed the ash try!"
by Polite Sowter November 24, 2008
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If you accidentally trash a parents car, "you've dubbed it, man!"
by Dirty Den October 13, 2003
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when you are high but under the influence of dubstep
*Filthiest Dubstep Mix Ep.3 is playing*
Guy 1: Broooo im so dubbed right now.
Guy 2: I know man, this music is tooooo good.
by rockinmafia18 December 21, 2010
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Kids playing madden

Kid1: oh yeah come here
Kid2: "jukes defender"
Kid1: oh he dubbed my ass
by Luckitana August 5, 2017
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"Dub dub dub" is short for "WWW" which in turn is an abbreviation for "World Wide Web." "WWW," however, contains nine syllables whereas "World Wide Web" contains only three. "Dub dub dub" therefore is a shortened form of an abbreviation for those who don't want to say "World Wide Web."
by Doug Parks June 14, 2004
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