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Get ignored ; some one ignores you ; you get rejected
Iโ€™ve been getting dubbed by Richard a lot recently because he has a gf now .
by Snsgvabs February 27, 2018
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dumped, dissed, or broken up with (as in a girlfriend, or random bitch)
Sean: dag my gf is annoying ! !

Josh: if it were me, I would have dubbed her a long time ago.
by j tha lady killa August 15, 2009
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When a tv show or movie from a diffrent country is translated into your language
I can't find the dubbed version of school live.
by otaku,not,weeaboo January 24, 2017
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is when videos from other countries have been translated to english. Now when I say translated I mean that they have been completely changed to some crappy ass dialogue that seems to change the story by an extreme. Also when they cut off parts just because they might have to much gore. HELLO?!?! THAT'S THE FUN PART!!
Dude: I thought YuGiOh had a shit load more blood and gore.
Guy: Your right it does, IN JAPAN! It's just that you were watching the dubbed version.
by pit chik October 20, 2005
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its to get high

created by-lambert,nesbo,Kyoo
man last night i was soooo dubbed, or wanna get dubbed tonight?, or damn foo this bus smells like a shit load of kids got dubbed on it
by kyoooo September 24, 2006
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