1. (verb) Shooting a massive load up a woman's vagina, causing your submarine to be soaked in cream; a supersized creampie.

2. (plural noun) A circle jerk of sex deprived sailors, who have most likely been at sea for months without seeing a woman, ending with an unholy bukkake on the captain in the middle, who is on his knees, wearing red lipstick and a blonde wig.

Jake: Hey Phil! How was the night with Sasha?
Phil: It was alright. We were creamin' seamen all night long.
Jake: It was alright? You sound like you had a great time bro!
Phil: Yeah, but we stained her mom's new carpet, Sasha's super pregnant now, and I have HIV.
Jake: Damn.

Butt Pirate Phil: Arr me matey! Let's raid this ship and take all her booty!
Ass Captain Jake: (Hands Phil the spyglass) Behold! These are no ordinary sailors! These are creamin' seamen! Not even Ass Bandits would interrupt such a sacred ritual of loneliness and virginity!
Butt Pirate Phil: Mmm... I gotta get me a piece of that ass!
Ass Captain Jake: Phil! That is not the way a Butt Pirate speaks on my ship!
Butt Pirate Phil: Sorry.
by Butt Pirate Bill October 2, 2017
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