Four anon, which art /B on D/

hallowed B thy name

thy *chans come:

thy will be done,

on da Internets as it is on /DaYR/.

give us this day our daily meme,

and forgive us our trolling,

as we forgive those whom troll against us.

for thine is thy 4chan,

the irony, and the stupidity,

four ever and ever. Four all fun, , ,
(P)leadian (A)nnon (N)An (S/S)
Pleadian Annon NAn (S/S)
by werD nAn Drew May 6, 2019
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Kouvr annon is my idol she's perfect, she's so gorgeous no one can compare to this queen I hope Alex doesn't read this but she's my wifey
Kouvr annon is perfect
by Kouvr.billie.avocado September 21, 2020
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Name males use instead of their real one. If you put them together, it is pronounced "Annonymus".
The P.O. Box was assigned to Mr. Annon Emus.
by Legyndir May 20, 2008
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Kouvr annon is alex warrens girlfriend (soon to be wife) and koda,olie,areo and stormys mom and a target lover
Bub:omg do you know kouvr annon

Other bub: alexs wife and targets lover

Alex rn : fuck yous 😂😂
by Anonamyms gurl July 6, 2021
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A person often known for giving people a good time then ghosting them.
OMG! Last night was so good, he’s such an annon tho.
by lAd Not NOw No September 2, 2021
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a common erotic trait or the doujin or hentai parody of a place, character, setting or subject from a series commonly written or illistrated from multiple people, usually seen on rule 34 or Nhentai. as oppose to how its portrayed in cannon
sakura haruno having large breast has become H-annon as opposed to the original series
by shizu marito volenhind June 14, 2022
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the hentai or phonographic version of a character, place or setting of a series. so common that people just accept it.
commonly created by hentai artist who commonly design characters iin a certain way contrary to there cannon counter parts.
its H-annon for sakura haruno to have big breast despite being flat chested in the original naruto series.
by shizu marito volenhind June 14, 2022
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