A female (or possibly male) who is so ho'ish, that basically will gargle your seamen (makeing the demon noise)
So I blew my wad, and that Seamen Demon caught it like the Toronto Blue Jays, RAwR!
by Groda Lotsapot August 14, 2006
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a female who likes fill to her mouth with sperm after blowing a man and letting it drip down her throat slowly usually while the male watches with great excitement.
I really liked Jessica she was such a seamen sipper.
by markass April 23, 2006
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reffering it to innapropriate conversations whilst drunk
When you have seamen in whiskey after jizzing in your pants thinking about naked women in the shower
by S && J && G October 17, 2010
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seamen serpents are mysyterious creatures that work tirelessly around the clock to purify your man juice, to maintain a steady flow of jism flowing through your gene hunt.
definition 1 - " omg your father is an absolute seamen serpent, he loves purifying the man juice"

definition 2 - "oh my god just won two tickets on the price is right to go deep sea diving with the seamen serpents"

definition 3 - "if only bruce forsyth had a set of balls he might find himself being accomadated by the seamen serpents"

definition 4 - "is that seamen serpents i see on jim spence's head? oh no wait thats just his fucked up ginger mullet"
by J.Edmund H January 31, 2010
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Crazy crew of Pirates that ravage the fierce land that is central florida. known for such dastardly crimes as rape, pilalging, murder, and hotel fraud. Make annual trips of terror. Many think they are gay. The crew is
Captain Munch
Cannon Balls
The Green Parrot
Douche Beard
Dude wtf who are those assholes over there yelling "penis"

Ah its those fags the Seamen of the South
by flickyobeanz December 16, 2004
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Spent semen down the shower drain.
"My shower drain has claimed more lost seamen then all of the Great Lakes combined.
by Shack Nagger September 23, 2009
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Training for E3 and below in the US Navy on how to retain information better in a training environment.
Hey Seamen Timmy, we’re doing seamen retention this week so stay strong!
by LittleNougerBoy June 12, 2021
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