A sex position where a male grabs a female, flips her upside down, grabs her legs, jumps up about 15 feet in the air, and spins around rapidly in a circle as he smashes her head on the ground. All while the males penis is in the female. This causes the female to orgasm in the most intense state of bliss.
Holy shit man, did you see the way that Zangief pulled a Seahawk on Chun-li in that street fighter parody porn?
by Mathelli September 25, 2017
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A group of cheating, disgusting, dream-smashing NFC West stealing fucks
We went to a Seahawks' game today and realized we wasted our money
by SexyKurt47 December 29, 2017
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They suck. What else is there to say?
49er fan #1: Did you see the 49ers vs. Seahawks game the other day??
49er fan #2: Yeah I was there and the Seattle Seahawks got their asses kicked, haha!

49er fan #1: Yeah!!! Fuck the Seahawks!
49er fan #2: Now let's destroy the Cowgirls!!
by jay gee January 19, 2023
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That one guy that shows up at a party and no one's really sure why they're there. A reference to the seahawks making the playoffs with a 7-9 record and no one really being sure how they got there.
Example 1

Josh: I've never seen that guy before. Who is he?

Terry: No one seems to know him, I think he's the seahawk...

Example 2

Tim: God, I don't know anyone at this party, I feel like I'm the seahawk
by slearner March 22, 2017
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Touchdown Seahawks is a phrase used at sporting events when the umpires or referees make the wrong call on a play that is beyond obvious to everyone else spectating.
Player slides home but gets tagged before reaching the base but still called safe. Guy in the crowd shouts, "Touchdown Seahawks"

In football when there's a questionable touchdown but the refs give it to the home team. Touchdown Seahawks
by TrappinGod22 April 7, 2016
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A fan base that never catches a break, from 1 yard line jokes to the 7 year old bandwagons and the early-mid round playoff exits. Fans from ages 16-above are usually very loyal, and are completely numb to Super Bowl roasts. Usual arguing points are “we beat the Broncos” or “we have all time winning record against the pats” or “Russ deserved MVP this year”
Russ: what is a Seahawk fan?
Tyler: a Seahawk fan is someone who supports and hopes for your success on that team.
by Cornpop720 March 2, 2021
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