A Seahawk fan is a bandwagon that lies and is known as a cunt world wide
by Tony the sky February 13, 2016
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A. A mythical person who only exists in 2005 and 2014.

B. A person who doesn't know anything about the history of the game but talks the most Shit during football conversation.

C. Some one who proudly refers to themselves as the 12th man, and has no idea they pay for the rights to use it.

D. A casual football watcher who spends more time yelling about referees than learning the rules.

F. A hypocrite that complains about the refs unless it was in their favor, then it's part of the game.
"These refs are so bad they're costing the Seahawks the game"

"Where the hell did all these Seahawks fans come from"

"I'm a die hard Seahawks fan, go hawks! Who is steve largent?"
by ematz August 8, 2014
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1-Someone who believes that NFC Championships are just as valuable as Superbowl wins.
2-Someone who explains losses by claiming that their team has to play the refs in addition to the opposing team.
3-Someone from Kent who when given the team color choices of blue, white, and neon green, chooses to wear the neon green...Also, likely overweight.
4-Someone who wants the ball and is going to score.
5-Someone who believes that the reason the Seahawks weren't good in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 is because Matt Hasselbeck got hurt.
6-Someone who listens to, respects, and believes Softy Mahler is logical.
7-Someone who doesn't care about statistics.
8-Someone who gets more excited about false starts than touchdowns.
9-Someone who loses.
10-Someone who doesn't think there's any reason why the Seahawks don't go 14-2 this season.
11-Someone who has a selective memory that spans the years 2003-2007.
12-Someone who thinks they came up with the term "12th man" despite Texas A&M coining the term 55 years before Seattle had a football team.
13-Someone who calls Shaun Alexander a bum while wearing a #37 jersey.
14-Someone who refers to their players strictly by their first names.

ex)Matthew, Lofa, Julius...
Seahawk fan-"We would have gone 14 and 2 if only Matthew didn't get injured."

Good Fan-"Arg, you're a real Seahawks Fan aren't you?"
Seahawk Fan-"We would've won if it was 11 on 11... since they had the refs, it was 12 on 11."

Good Fan-"That Seahawk Fan won't stop complaining about Superbowl XL."
Seahawk Fan-"Yeah! False start! Seahawk Fans strike again!"

Other Seahawk Fan-"We are totally the 12th man!"
by heyyyo! September 22, 2009
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Texas hick living in Seattle with a heavy fascination in pro wrestling internet freaks, beautiful big boned women, and hottest green neon strip clubs in town...Not to mention the best diamonds on the market at the cheapest price.
Dymnd is a interesting personality and the biggest Seahawks fan online.
by D. Ray February 24, 2023
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A fan base that never catches a break, from 1 yard line jokes to the 7 year old bandwagons and the early-mid round playoff exits. Fans from ages 16-above are usually very loyal, and are completely numb to Super Bowl roasts. Usual arguing points are “we beat the Broncos” or “we have all time winning record against the pats” or “Russ deserved MVP this year”
Russ: what is a Seahawk fan?
Tyler: a Seahawk fan is someone who supports and hopes for your success on that team.
by Cornpop720 March 2, 2021
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