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no fuck'in clue; zero knowledge on a subject area
The girl has NFC when it comes to sports.
by UncleKJC January 30, 2007
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NFC, an acronym for "No Fat Chicks", can be used in multiple ways. It can be applied to simply represent a woman with large body mass - such as "did you see that NFC", a label - such as "NFC Emily", or as a literal translation of its meaning; "Come check to my party - NFC!"

While derogatory, its generally considered good taste not to tell NFC's what the acronym means. If confronted as to the meaning by a whale-like female, come up with a definition; "No fucking clue", "Nice facial caricatures", etc. It's imperative you dont let an NFC know what the definition is - lest you be sat on by a large mass of carbon, water, and ugly.
"Ok - invite people to the throwdown, but NFC"
"I enjoy watching NFCs fight; especially when its full contact. Its like a cheap version of pay per view sumo wrestling"
by dtrinh November 22, 2006
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Near Field Communications. In general, technology that allows wireless transmission of data directly from one mobile device to another in close proximity, without the need for satellite or wi-fi networks.

In particular, refers to files, usually music mp3s, transmitted via Near Field technology, and often using questionable 3rd-party or jailbroken phone apps. Popular with teenagers.
She's got the new Lady Gaga album on NFC.
by Dwight3000 December 29, 2011
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1)No Fucking Clue
2)Answer to a majority of Calculus questions, particularly on exams
Dude, what's the instantaneous velocity of that vector if you revolve it around y=2?

by Zhivago April 13, 2005
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No Fat Chicks, a shirt Peter Griffen affectionaly wears in a particularily good episode of Family Guy.
I love my car so much, I put an NFC sticker on the back bumper to make sure the world knows exactly how dangerous beer goggles can be if you're not careful.
by Tommy Turbo June 09, 2005
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In IMVU Instant Messaging room rules it means No Forced Collaring. IMVU chat rooms are "virtual" rooms with many themes including BDSM and Slavery. If a chat room is NFC it means you cannot come in and role play enforced enslavement on another person's avatar.
Room description "Gorean Hall" NFC.
by Draksfell May 29, 2009
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