Lesbian; a woman that is sexually attracted to another woman. A woman homosexual.
Dude did you see that flock of seagles?
by shesaduckie April 13, 2007
Ex. 1: When someone hides the a closet of a room where two people are having sex, and you run out, flapping your arms and squawking.

Ex. 2: Guy 1: Hey, what are you doing this weekend?

Guy 2: Oh, I'm gunna go seagling!
(Seagling) Two people you know are going to have sex in a room, so you go hide in the closet. When they are busy, run out of the closet flapping your arms like a bird and squawk like a seagull.
by H00p!Ah May 27, 2010
slang for ejaculation. When a seagle poops, it is a white creamy mixture usually landing on the faces of young girls, thus comparing it to seman.
Steezy: hey bruh what you do last night?
James: mann i was at her house seagle poop 'n on mommas.
by jj brown December 22, 2007
after ejaculating into your partners mouth, chop them in the neck forcing them to swallow a mouthful semen
she didnt want to swallow so i gave her a steven seagle
by maxir colona June 12, 2009
while engaging in intercourse on the beach, the man places his dick in the sand and sticks it back in his partner.
We were on the beach last night and we tried the screaming seagle, it really hurt.
by Clutter January 12, 2008
a person who attracks seagles by feeding them and/or caring for them. a excellent example of a seagle queen would be sukhmani sodhi of brampton.
Hey sukhmani you are such a seagle queen stop attracting those disese birds!
by SKANJI August 25, 2006
When someone is of a very short height and often resembles a dwarf/hobbit
Oi look it’s seagle he’s such a midget
by sazzzzz December 31, 2021