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a watery tofu indian dish which is usually yellow in color and is very popular in countries such as : india, malaysia( seremban), singapore, and laos
meji: do you want some sodhi...
meji: i can cook * beats sodhi chest*
tuvi: this sodhi tastes soo bad.. it is watery
kedu: i love it * vomit*
bab: eii yeee... mama, i dnt like'
meji: mmmm.. very good! have more
kedu: VOMIT!
by we can cook ;0 December 25, 2009
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is a guy who is very nice to all especially the opposite sex, he also has a really spastic hairstyle and so much swag HE is also constantly drunk, and is SHIT scared of spiders and can't eat anything hot!!!
Sodhi can also be found under the white man alias as Jake...........for sum reason
OIIII bruv ur hair looks like sodhi, did u get electrocuted.............(ha ha ha very funny)
by Mando Ramirez November 24, 2013
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