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To plug your pooper in any way possible when a toilet is nowhere to be found, or in order to keep from shitting your pants in public. Mostly done by clenching with the buttocks and, in the event of a prairie dog, sitting on the heel of your foot in an attempt to shove it back up your bum.
Albert: "Man I really gotta poo."
Mick: "Scunch it, man. Scunch it like you mean it."
Albert:"I don't know if I can scunch it until we find a rest stop."
Mick: "Then sit on your heel."
Albert: "Thanks bro."
by Scunchmeister November 07, 2011
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To expand and retract a scrunchie/hair band around hand for mild pleasure. Inspired by Scunci the dog of the person who created the scrunchie.
I've been scunching all day
by scrongtheeighth November 02, 2019
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when you look like a bag of wadded up, shit covered piece of toilet paper but decide to go out in the presence of people
Noun: I look like a scunch.
Verb: I scunched in public today.
Adj.: Do you like my scunchy look?
by casadellatrap November 04, 2018
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