A combination of the words "scrotum" and "fudge". This is the goopy substance consisting of sweat, skin, fungus, and pubes that collects under the ballsack.
"When he dropped trou, he realized that his ballsack was covered in scrudge"
by deadmike September 23, 2006
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n. a mark left on a surface, similar to that of a black mark on the floor left from the sole of a shoe.
She slid across the gym, leaving a scrudge on the floor.
by CreateYourself September 7, 2003
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To force yourself to stay awake, without any alertness aid, in order to perform required duties/responsibilities, even though you had minimal (if any) sleep the night before.
He insisted he would scrudge through his work day without any caffeine even though he only had 3 hours of sleep the night before. He was looking forward to his evening nap before another long night, minimal sleep, and another scrudging day tomorrow.
by Matt Redding August 28, 2009
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A localised Devon term for materials such as timer and stone, salvaged from rivers and beaches
I picked up a fantastic load of scrudge today
by Tom Dixon January 25, 2008
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Any gloopy substance, usually with an accompanying 'less than ideal' odour, which can occur in any walk of life but is generally from dubious origin.
What the fuck is that scrudge on your shoe?
by Cyrus Darawalla February 19, 2004
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A bad song that follows a great song on an album, in order to avoid a good song being overshadowed by the previous track
That song that played after *insert classic song*, sucked
Of course it did it was scrudge they didn't want to waste a good song.
by Charizard LeBeau June 25, 2009
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