To stand in front of someone who is trying to shot or walk in a direction in a video game. Occurs with teammates because in many video games your bullets and abilities will not travel through teammates to hit enemies, but enemies projectiles will travel through both your teammate and you. In games which punish players for damaging teammates it can be used as a type of trolling It can be done unintentionally, but the person being screened almost never benefits from it.
Bro wtf, stop screening me. We would've won if my dumbass teammate wasn't screening me
by Novaoni February 16, 2017
The fatass was staring at a screen all day
by ImFrostbyte August 14, 2014
usually an indie movie or film. When this word is used, I tend to imagine that it is cheaper or free as opposed to when it's CALLED a movie or a flm.

Indie elitists use this term to sound cool, as do I.
1. Let's go watch the (insert film here) screening tonight.

2. I heard they're screening (insert film her) at (x location). Let's go watch.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
To be completely mesmerized by the screen on your "smart" phone.
Brad was unable to contribute in any way to the conversation because he was screened out.
by pRODIGAL1 January 8, 2012
Where mental images one puts while masterbating
Phil: " I'd like to fuck that waitress wouldn't you?"
Slick: " I already did this morning by putting her up on the screen".
by Mr.Tissue February 8, 2018
Referring to a movie screen format which the top and bottom of the screen is cut off.During filming the round camera lens top and bottom is closed in to produce a short picture.This is mistakenly named widescreen since the screen is no wider than usual only shorter.
The short screen format cut off the actors forehead and chin during the closeup.
by BWM January 24, 2008
People who keep a plastic screen sheath on their smartphone for protection despite the fact that it reduces the quality of their visual pleasure.
I can't understand people who use screen condoms, they never get to fully enjoy their screens. Even without protection, by the time the glass would be so unclear you'd most likely would be getting a new phone anyway...
by flockit March 7, 2015