The single most epic phrase ever to be spoken by a human being. You can't explain I already did or understand it, you can only just simply use it.

I already did is the answer to anything and everything in life like, "why is the sky blue?", "Why do women hate sex?", and "If you had 37 pies, and half of them taste good, how many do you have sex with?"
Mom - Your mac and cheese is done

Shelby and Jody - SAL!!! YOU FAIL!
Sal - Creepy ass gingers...I! ALREADY! DID!

Mr. Elliot - Okay sal since your talking and know all of this, how do you find out how many moles of Carbon are in a Sodium Nitrate carbon dioxide mix that is 593 grams.
Sal - um...first you get the molar mass of.... uhh... I ALREADY DID!

Daniel - I hate that kid so much! SAM!!
Eric - It's Sal!
Daniel - SAL or what ever the hell your stupid name is...DIE!
Sal- I already did!

Ashely - OKAY SAL! first the mangos were from the tree! Second, the guns were from the airplane that crashed on the island! And the baby is there because the chick was pregnate before they got lost on the island!
Sal - ....well...I already did...
by Sal-mazing May 20, 2008
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