Large LCD tv watched by gypo's and manu fan's.
"Chelsea are 1 nil down and Gallas is Arsenal's joint top scorer. You might as well switch off and put your ghetto screen on ebay 'cos you're winning fuck all this season."
by sooner_gooner August 18, 2009
The opening of a second screen for distraction and/or entertainment purposes (e.g. emails, Instagram, Facebook) while attending a video meeting on a separate screen via Zoom, FaceTime, etc.
During the Zoom staff meeting, Mollie second screened and caught up on her emails.

Daniel was obviously second screening during the meeting; he was tweeting at the same time.
by MikeInDC October 27, 2020
The little dried pieces of flegm, mung, snot, and boogers on one's computer screen from continuous coughing without covering one's mouth.
Dude, I can hardly read this Urban Dictionary definition because of all your damned screen freckles!
by bukowsky January 6, 2010
A variation on the concept of real estate, screen estate is the total display area of the monitor(s) connected to a computer, and a subject of bragging rights for computer geeks. Like with real estate, the more/bigger, the better: computer geeks agree that you can never have too much screen estate.
Have you seen his gaming rig? Three 24" monitors: dude's got some serious screen estate!
by nexxo September 2, 2013
person who claims in internet chatrooms to have served in the Armed Forces, before showing a demonstrably bad understanding of the military.see fontline combatant

can also be used as a derogatory term to one who uses threats of violence in internet chatrooms, or to one who wholeheartedly supports ANY war THEY don't have to fight in..
chatter1: "we should just invade Iran next..."
chatter2:"and where abouts in Iraq are YOU typing from, Screen Beret ??? Manchester ???"
by BogUk January 19, 2008
An alias or online name that someone selects to be known under, while chatting or posting a personal ad.
Person A: Hey! If you're online later, message me!
Person B: I dont have your screen name :(
Person A: It's SoccerBabe4476
by SeiyaKou304 June 13, 2006
A 5 one screen is the act of getting 5 kills (preferably with a sniper) on Call Of Duty where all 5 kills show up on the kill feed.
Kid 1: *hits a 5 on screen* HOLY SHIT NO WAY!

Kid 2: Jesus Christ what the fuck no way!

Kid 1: It was on that nimrod using the LSAT too!
by Gwif July 3, 2017