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a girl typically that instead of or along with screamin moaning ect scratches your back chest legs etc while getting sexed up
my girlfriend is a great scratcher
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
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a word commonly referred to as sex or any other physical activity between a girl and a man with out clothes or minimal clothes
hey girl you wanna play some twister tonight
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
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it is the stick that is carried by the womp warriors to womp other people
guy: the womp warriors just beat me with womp sticks.

womp warriors: you have just been womped.
by TAF119 July 02, 2009
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a word used to acknowledge when you or someone else knowinly say a sexual slur or pun
dude you think she will come out and play with us........ cotton swab
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
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a clan made up of elites that carry around thier womp sticks and battle rival clans while listenin to random music and plain old havin good old fashion fun
dude i wish i was one of them womp warriors cuz they're BAMF's
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
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a gender-neutral word to degrade a person. It can mean anything dirty word or combination of 2 or more words.

Dirk-ed, Dirk-ing, Dirks are all acceptable terms to use.
Paul is being a complete dirk today.
Look at that dirking woman.
That guy is dirking that woman.
She dirks that guys brains out.
by TAF119 June 21, 2012
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