Football played by a bunch of drunk, hot high school girls on school nights. Being drunk their clothes get ripped off and they don't care, they just continue to play.
Man I love powderpuff. That chick got all her clothes except for her thong ripped off. What a way to spend a Tuesday night.
by the elect April 12, 2005
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A term used to describe a sissy. Someone who talks a lot of stuff but never backs it up because they can't.
"Man, I'll punch you in the face."

"Do it then."


"Man, you're a fuckin powder puff."
by Chris April 17, 2005
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flag football scrimmage between junior and senior high school girls played for fun. admission goes to "coats for kids" charity.
The seniors donminated the juniors in powder puff.
by muscles13 November 1, 2007
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a person who claims to be straigh tough when on the stage or in a group but when placed on the streets is just a bitch
I hear ya spit lines like an uzi but when we put ya on the streets all the niggas call ya suzi ya powder puff
by tekblade December 18, 2006
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fill your ass crack up with talcum powder and fart in your girls face, blowing powder in her face.
"I powder puffed my bitch and got a free night on the couch."
by mark 47 February 29, 2008
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A person who can't handle a scoop of pre-workout without spitting it everywhere.
"For god sake Aaron, you're such a powder puff! Now it's all over the bloody reception!"
by TheJax January 17, 2019
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To emit bolidly gas, especially from the anal pore, onto oneself's hand and diliberately smother another, or oneself's mouth and nose with the same hand.
i love the way my farts smell i think im gonna give myself another powder puff.
by Red Jokester March 5, 2004
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