1. looking rugged or like you just woke up. messed up hair and clothes.
2. struggling. forgetting things or looking for things or trying to get things done in a hurry.
1. She looked scrambling this morning without her make-up.

2. I was scrambling to find my homework before school this morning.
by Bob Treebark April 18, 2010
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stealing, daytime/nighttime home & auto break ins, thefts of unattended property, purse snatching, etc. Done by junkies and crackheads low on funds or the ones who don't work at all, specifically to fuel a drug habit.
Jayvion was broke, desperate and are not ready for the party to end, so he went scrambling near the college campus.
by decl July 14, 2014
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Dope cut with special ingredients in order to give you a better rush.
Damn dude...... That shit.... Man I gotta... get this shit more often.... ZZzzZzzZzzZz

by th33nd0fy0u July 11, 2008
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Not performing well in a particular task, getting beaten easily, very poorly done, struggling.
E.g. someone does something poorly: You're scrambling
by SS-man November 25, 2007
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The mixed feeling of being drunk and high
After that pitcher of beer at the bowling alley and hot boxing my friend's car I was feeling pretty scrambled.
by Teddy and Panda Co. January 14, 2009
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An adult beverage consisting of whiskey, usually Jack Daniels or Jameson, and Red Bull in roughly equal proportions.
I've had 6 scrambles so far tonight and I'm feeling JACKED!
by tiagsters July 4, 2012
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For a large group to quickly seperate in various directions to avoid consequence. Often used when an illegal action is in progress and the authorities arive.
ex. -At the scene of a fight.
by IcePyro May 1, 2007
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