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A house or apartment where crack cocaine users smoke crack, socialize, and pool resources to get deals on crack. Involves a fairly stable cast of characters with new people usually being introduced by somebody known to the house. Should be nearby to a trap house or crack spot, which are places where crack is sold for profit. Crack houses provide an easy introduction for the crack scene newcomer who may not know where the crack spots are, or who is unknown to dealers, as people at the crack house will facilitate obtaining crack as necessary.

Use of the crack house generally involves paying a house fee (crack or cash) to the person or couple whose house it is. Crack houses are preferred by people who can't smoke at home or who like to smoke in a social setting. Females in the crack house may approach men to offer sexual services in exchange for shared crack, and such arrangements are viewed as normal in most crack houses, with sex sometimes occurring in side rooms and other times in public areas of the house.
Damn Stacey got the best crack house. She don't let no dudes be beggin' and they is like six fresh chickenheads up there.
by decl July 15, 2014

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a marijuana cigarette laced with crack or powder cocaine
Smoked an L with Betty, my whole face turned numb. Turns out she had a geek joint.
by decl March 25, 2014

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stealing, daytime/nighttime home & auto break ins, thefts of unattended property, purse snatching, etc. Done by junkies and crackheads low on funds or the ones who don't work at all, specifically to fuel a drug habit.
Jayvion was broke, desperate and are not ready for the party to end, so he went scrambling near the college campus.
by decl July 13, 2014

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The idea of using a tax refund check as a buy-in to purchase an initial quantity of drugs in order to become established as a drug dealer. Most often, the would-be tax flipper will not himself receive any tax refund, e.g. due to having not worked in the previous year, but will seek out some other person to let him "flip their taxes" -- the promise being that the lending person will be quickly repaid her tax refund once the flipper sells-through his initial quantity of drugs.
Tone moved in with Tasha last October to escape the cold, and was sure he could successfully hustle rock if only Tasha would let him flip her taxes in order to get some work. Tasha's lent Tone her taxes two weeks ago and Tone said he was going to post up at his nephew's house. Tasha hasn't heard from Tone since and now realizes that flipping taxes isn't a real thing, but rather a scam used by men to steal women's tax checks.
by decl November 20, 2018

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A fee paid for the privilege of entering a crack house (house or apartment whose residents have given over the space to allow people to gather to use crack and socialize, dealers may also be present or on call). The fee is commonly $10 or one dime bag of crack and entitles the payer to space to sit and smoke crack among other smokers, possibly also space to have sex if desired.
Street girl: What's up with you?
Man on street: Looking to smoke and fuck. You got a place we can go?
Street girl: Lisa's house pretty cool, we can chill there, you just gotta pay a house fee.
by decl July 15, 2014

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