Regional (in UK) variant of scrappy, as in scruffy, patchy, shabby, of poor quality generally.
This pavement's a bit scrabby
by Paul April 19, 2004
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Paul: Oh my God! Is that a rabbi?

Gavin: Yeh, but he was pretty scrabby!

Paul: I knows! He is a scrabbi!
by Pete616 October 19, 2010
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- to have an excess amount of a musty smell combined with having the appearance of being extremely filthy
I was gonna go down on that girl, but she was hella scrabby.
by Bobby bobsled February 08, 2014
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A famous guy from Singapore's HardwareZone famous online forum Eat-Drink-Man-Woman. He is well known to jinx all kinds of things such as football predictions and has been attributed as the EDMW Claypot King and the king of jinxes.
Scrabby : England will win euro 2020 tonight!

Other people : oh no he jinxed it
by whitemirrorsociety July 12, 2021
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