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This show raised people and taught everyone what friendship is. This show will forever be in everyone's heart to remind us that life can be an adventure with imagination. Thank you Fin and Jake for everything.
Any person: What time is it

Me: Adventure Time!
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by dinners ready December 04, 2018
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The greatest show ever made. I HIGHLY recommend that you watch it. It is about a teenage boy named Finn and a shape-shifting dog named Jake. Together they go on adventures in the land of Ooo with all their other friends. This is not just some crazy random cartoon (although it kinda starts like that in season 1 and 2). It gets very emotional once you get to season 3 and it'll get worse towards the end (by "worse" I mean a LOT of crying).
"Adventure Time is the most meaningful and emotional show in the world"
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by LeftSideTwix February 04, 2019
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A comedic cartoon on Cartoon Network that feature Finn, a 12-year old boy, and Jake, a 28-year-old dog with magical powers. The cartoon focuses on the weird and wild adventures experienced by the the two best-friends while living in the Land of Ooo. Created be Pendleton Ward, a creative genius.

While being a hilarious show in itself, this show is also the perfect cartoon to watch while high. You will laugh your face off at the insanely twisted adventure the characters go on. It is recommended to watch the show in HD to get the full effect of its awesomeness.
Harold: "yo man, Adventure Time is on tonight. you wanna watch it on the 52-inch downstairs?"
Herb: "lets get high first."
Harold: "of course."
by ToAndFrodo April 10, 2010
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The BEST Tv show ever. Adventure time is about Finn a 13-year-old boy and Jake a 28-year-old magical dog. Finn and Jake go on adventure through out the Land of Ooo. Great show For all ages.
Finn & Jake- ADVENTURE TIME !!!!
by awesomebjw October 04, 2011
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The best show ever that can only be explained in one word that still isn't good enough, AWESOME.
We can't get home to late because then we might miss the best TV show in the world, Adventure Time.
by tomatoesforcharity December 24, 2011
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Possiably the most pimptastical short movie ever made by anyone ever. Will make you puke your ass laughing. Cartoon network is now adopting this into a full show. All of us whom have watched will be watching with great intrest.
Adventure time, common grab your friends and travel to very distant lands. Jake the dog and Pen the human the fun will never end, its ADVENTURE TIME. MATHEMATICAL RHOMBUS!
by That kid with the fedora January 21, 2010
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