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The mars rover's lineage can be traced back to Earthling settlers on the planet Mars, who allowed their pet 'dogs' to cross-breed with the local wild-life. This eventually became known as the mars rover.
God-damn mars rover! Shat on the carpet and won't stop roaring and flailing his tentacles!
by bluntpencil2001 April 26, 2005
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Scary American jesus-freaks that come to my door trying to convert me to their whacky religion.

They often sport name tags with the title of 'Elder', despite being of college student age.

Although they do seem friendly enough, to normal folk they are still god-damned annoying. Indeed, if anybody can put up with a Mormon visit without telling them to "Fuck Off", they deserve a VIP place in Heaven.
"Next time a Mormon comes to my door, I won't say I'm atheist, I'll lie and say I'm Catholic, then they'll fuck off."
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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A miniature version of the monster, Mothra, that appeared in an old Godzilla movie. Although irritating, the common moth devastates curtains, not Japan.
Whinging Kid - "Ah! A moth!" <cry>
Sarcastic Parent that tells jokes too old for the kid to understand- " Quick! Call Godzilla!"
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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Most definitely does not mean 'Scottish' when describing people. It is often used to describe liquor, eggs and beef among other things.

Those who call Scottish people 'Scotch' are often corrected with a polite saying-so, or a "Fuck off, you stupid American bastard!", depending on how much Scotch the Scottish person has recently imbibed.
Stereotypical American - "Hey you're Scotch! Isn't Scotland in England?"

Drunken Scot - "Fuck off, you stupid American bastard!"
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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An organisation found in many countries that has several upstanding members....
The rest are power-tripping bastards that are too lazy/cowardly to stop serious criminals like heroin dealers, wasting their time on skateboarders, stoners and 17 year olds with cider.
1) "An off-duty police officer shot the fucker that wasted Dimebag Darrell, saving many audience members.Good guy."

2) "That bastard pig beat up another skateboarder today. He claimed skateboarding was 'terrorism'. While he was doing this, 9 people died from heroin overdoses within half a mile."
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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A video about badgers, mushrooms and snakes of which several updated versions have been released such as the Christmas version, which has Badgers dressed as Santa, the mushrooms replaced by presents and the snake being replaced by a young Jesus Christ.

Repetitive genius.
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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