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Usually quite ditzy. uses the word "ghetto" often to describe something trashy. Usually is ignorant judges easily. Seems to think China and asia are seperate countries (China is a country, Asia is a continent) thinks Africa is one country(It's a continent consisting of many different countries with different cultures and languages) also thinks white people do not live in south africa. Beleive their country is the best in the world. Many can be closed minded thinking all of Africa is full of starving children with bloated stomachs. Thinks China and Japan are the same. Although their language,culture and facial features are totally different. Think all languages sound the same except european languages. Think countries like Japan are third world(even though it is the leading car maker,electronics maker and is one of the fashion capitals of the world) Stereotypical americans are often Fat and lazy. Stereotypical Americans goto another country and complain about how bad the food is. Stereotypical Americans are seen as "country" or "arrogant prissy rich white folks" Stereotypical americans are seen to not give a damn about what goes on in the world(unless their reputaion is at risk)Thinks Panda Express is REAL chinese food...when really it isn't. Stereotypical Americans are seen to be loud,Obnoxious,sex freaks,obese,arrogant,racist and rude.
Example 1
Stereotypical american

"Look at that Mexican! Hey wetback!! Why don't you serve me up a Taco and then mow my lawn for $5.00!!!"
"dude your such a stereotypical american.."

Example 2

Dude1:Dude, I can't imagine there being a beach in Africa...

Dude2:Man..all you have to do is imagine a beach with bloated black kids with flies all over their faces and tiki huts!

Dude1:Ohh haha sound like a stereotypical american!

Example 3

Fat Man:oh my's so hot in this house....and it's TINY!

Bob:Hey joe what's the problem?

Fat need better air conditioning..its hot in here..and its limited in space...renovate your house to make it bigger!

Bob: *thinking* WHAT THE FUCK!? maybe if you lost some would solve the limited space and temperature...such a stereotypical american...

Example 4
White man:Oh my god! A black Person is approaching me!!

Black Man:Excuse me sir..

White Man:SHIT!! HELP ME!! He's ROBBING me!!

Black Man: wait man! I was just asking where the bathroom was!!



Police is sent and sends out One HELICOPTER 5 police cars and 2 dogs. The Man is then Tasered and hit a couple times by batons while dogs attack him. He his arrest for attempted robbery.
the poor man who was attacked is ok. This descibes a stereotypical american moment when a black man is stereotyped as Bad and always wanting to rob white people. As this also descirbes a stereotype on how white people will always freak out when a black guy approaches them. Thus explaining a stereotypical American

by Kino_Bear July 10, 2008
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