when someone overreacts to a goal or touchdown in sports
Joe had a scoregasm today in gym class, he's such a jerk.
by JesusFrenzy November 25, 2011
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the thrilling climax when the home team gets a goal!
omg patrice bergeron just scored....and i had a scoregasm watching!
by mrsklq April 24, 2011
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the feeling acquired when thinking about scoring later that night
Before her late night coffee rendevous, Gina had a major scoregasm, shouting "Uggghhhh!"
by Trevisto the Frito Bendito October 12, 2003
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The yelling, screaming, moaning, grunting ect. associated with a particular team scoring during a game, especially after a tense moment of the game
(announcer):"Three seconds to go in the game.."
(announcer):"They need this field goal to win..."
(announcer):"ITS UP..."
(announcer): "ITS GOOD!"
(person #2): "WOW you havin' a scoregasm over there??"
by WhoDey12 October 4, 2009
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When something happens that is so righteously awesome...it makes you peak to orgasm.
Dave "I've been dying for a smoke i haven't had one in days"

Josh"Here's one"

by JoshKaardal January 29, 2009
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During the FIFA World Cup and your team scores you get a Scoregasm.
A scoregasm is when you feel the jolt of exictement and energy of a goal being made. This excitement is only fully felt when getting a scoregasm. Which can be a few simple cheers and hollers or a scream. Or you can feel the joy inside you quitely.
Germany shoots and scores.
by Roflcopterahahaha June 18, 2010
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repeatedly scoring points in a manner that is so awesome one might say "it was orgasmic"
by cs987 March 24, 2011
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