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A child that is between the stages of crawling and walking. This usually results in scooting around on the floor. These youngsters may earn the nickname of Scootie.
Scootie is the best little sister ever. I can't wait until she can play with me.
by Lolo July 07, 2006
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A slang term referring to a girls vagina.
I am gonna go out to the bar and get some scootie.

Damn girl, that smells...wash your scootie.
by Vaggy McVagerson April 06, 2008
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T.O.N.: Hey man, are you ok
T.O.D.: Yea, I'm good. That draft bud light last night gave me the scooties..
T.O.N.: I'm sorry to hear that bro.. the trots are the worst
by Dank Raccoon December 25, 2017
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