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When you absolutely PWN someone and you can point and laugh saying "SCOOTIES"... Whilst waving your right hand shortly next to your shoulder.
Double Kill...
by Kam3 September 30, 2006
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this is the slang name for a person (most of the time a black person) who drives their car while they are all scooted down in their seat so they can barely see over the wheel
"Yo homie, look at that scooty in the Buick with the dubs!"
by Shaggy29 March 08, 2006
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(noun) Generally used when referring to tonsil stones. This umbrella term can also be used to cover the various types of hardened deposits that accumulate on or inside the human body.
(1) Due to his abnormally large tonsils, Kyle has to remove scooties on a daily basis.

(2) Kyle โ€œSo how did your mole removal go today?โ€

Chelsea โ€œBetter than expected! Turns out it was not a mole at all, just a big scootie!โ€
by BeardedRedGiant October 01, 2018
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A person who is very salty and considered a bully. Tries to protect his reputation by yelling at people to delete things that expose him, and can reduce someone to tears.
Person 1: "Man, that guy is an asshole. He's like Keemstar, being salty all the time."
Person 2: "Yeah, hes a total Scooty."
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Bob: "I just bought a new car."
John: "Wow! That must have set you back a few scooties."
by Crankypants September 20, 2004
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When a cat, dog, or other household animal drags its rear end across a rough surface such as grass or carpet in order to clean off fecal matter.
"Mom, get the carpet shampooer! Fluffy scootied again!"

"I awoke this morning to find that my dog had left diarrhea and scooty marks in various locations throughout the house."
by Chris Jasper July 09, 2007
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