2 types of gasses composed into a "cheese" like matter ranging in size from the size of a pencil lead to the the size of a half of pea! I forget the gasses of course. When coughed up ans squished they smell like a cross inbetween ass and rotting carcuses. I suffer from this disorder and its not pleasent. I always thought it was from swollowing to much cum, but only if it were that simple.
"coughed up a chunk of cheese while brushing my teeth that smelt worse than a taco bell shit"
by Cheese Ball Throat March 29, 2004
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Usually not food but Post Nasel Drip (mucus) high in protien and good food source for bacteria finds its way in to tonsils accurs more at night
by . August 25, 2003
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Also known as tonsilloliths, are cheese-like half solid within the crevices of the tonsils.
One of the causes of bad breath.
I can feel the tonsil stones in my tonsils!!!!! But they just can't get out. Damn
by penis baby 👶 🍼 has November 16, 2020
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When you cough up a tonsil stone with so much force and pressure it flings out your mouth.
I wanted to say something to my crush, but as soon as I said my first word it flung into HER throat. Damn Tonsil Stone Gun!
by ☆★Marigold★☆ May 18, 2022
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