Scooter Fags mainly live on the eastern coast of Australia mainly in the far north of Queensland and have slicked back hair and go to the skate park everyday after school with their scooter fag buddies and think they're top shit.
Scooter Fag 1: Oi bro wanna go to skate park today after school I got a sick new razor deck it's Hella lit broooo *slicks hair*

Scooter Fag 2: awww yea bro it's gonna be proper sick lad.

Normal lad 1: Look at them two faggots sucking each other off

Normal lad 2: Fucking scooter fags I fucking hate em.
by Birdss August 6, 2018
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a complete faggot riding a scooter, who always gets in your way or (snakes) you
a boy gets snaked by a scooter fag and yells; SCOOTER FAG!!!!
by skatefreak February 25, 2012
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a 12/13 year old boy who lives at the skatepark, acts similar to an eshay and is probably one of “the boys”
Johnny: “I’ve been practicing on my scooter lately.”
Ben: “Scooter fag.”
by mjlowden296 October 18, 2020
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A scooter rider that's annoying and most of the time from primary school. (1st to 9th grade.(If you're in 9th grade and still ride a scooter, please contact your local therapist.))
Things that scooter fags do include:
-Snake people.
-Break their/other people's ankles.
-Get mad when someone calls a scooter "just a children's toy" or "not a sport".
-Only do barspins and bunnyhops.
-Plan meetings with other scooter fags.
-Plague skateparks with their s̶p̶o̶r̶t̶ garbage.
Barney The Skater: "Look at Allen! Still in 7th grade and riding a scooter!"
Davey The BMX-er: "What a scooter fag!"
by uselessguy1 July 7, 2022
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Some gay cunt who rides a scooter and is always talking about what tricks they can do.
Josh: I can finger whip flat now
Me: shut up scooter fag
by Sarrgy April 25, 2019
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A scooter rider. Ussually a retro mod or anglophile who tries to live his or her life like it's 1964. Scooter should be vintage and of Italian heritage. Could also be a person with a tricked out 2 stroke race machine. Can be a tongue in cheek endearing term amoung scooterists, or an insult from non-scooterists.
Jimmy is such a scooter fag, he spends all of his time polishing those mirrors and waxing his custom paint job
by Voneville August 16, 2005
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Someone who rides scooters. Can be called scooterists and scooterers. Scooter fags are in scooter teams that compete with each other in scooter fights. The word was originated by two girls from Jackson, NJ when all their friends started scootering and started teams. Can be considered an insult.
"Ew, look at those scooter fags over there like they're something," said Cindy.
by Luvs to Scoot May 17, 2007
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