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Large town commonly known for being where Six Flags is, or as we know it, Great Adventure. Once containing only several modest developments, 2 shopping plazas and woods, it can now be used as a perfect example of overdevelopment and sprawl. Previously considered the white trash or dirtbags of the area, Jackson residents lived peacefully and happily, a place where on Jackson Day you knew everyone. It has now been infested with Bennies who have decided they want to live down the shore year round. Jackson is filled with roads clogged with assholes driving Hummers and Escalades, on their way home to their McMansions which have destroyed anything nice abouth the town.
"Gina and Joey finally decided to take little Joey and Brianna out of Staten Island and move to Jackson, NJ. She got a beautiful center hall colonial on a quater acre for only $700,000."
by meli71 April 18, 2007
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Jackson- known for Great Adventure and if you didnt live in Jackson your whole life then you know it as Six Flags. Its the place that you can be considered a Hick but at the same time be told you live in a city. You have to go to other towns to actually go to stores. One side of Jackson is woods and the other is built up. Schools are known to be over-crowded and filled with a diverse group. People move here because they like the woods but then they build it up to what they just left.
Anyone who is a true J-towner knows that there is always a PaRtY to go to, you know that Jackson is thought as this wonderful town that the kids are "innocent". Here is where you laugh it up. You know the deal-woods, parties,drinking...etc...there's nothing else to do. so fill that glass and cheers to the true J-towners that prove to every1 what a good time really is.
*Woods parties
*colliers mills

J-town is filled with a diversity that know one can ever live up to.

Your either one of us or not
by Jax February 12, 2005
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Jackson, NJ is a place where there's more old people homes than streets. A place where the road Wright Debow is notorious and everyone knows whats up when you say it. All kids are either drug addicts or alcoholics. We have the most fun, and everyone retty much wishes they were from Jackson. We're 20 minutes from every beach and mall, and an hour from NY and Philly. Everyone smokes weed, including your mom. It's a place for hicks and wanna be gangsters come together.

you don't understand Jackson,NJ unless you're from Jackson,NJ.

why don't you party in the woods like normal jackson people?
by srf October 29, 2006
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Jackson is the best place on earth because you can do what ever the fuck you want n no one gives a fuck n at 13 you most likely get fuck, we play xbox 24/7, we can go in any woods in Jackson n find a hobo to play whit,you can make funny of mexico,asins,mid easters, black old man and jews all day you will find a nazis every where. So if you come to jackson GO HOME
Kid "let go in the woods"
Other kids "NO! There hobos in there"
Kid "no there's not"
Kids go in the woods .....
Hobos came and give them FREE CANDY

That's how Jackson,nj is
by Frankqq555 March 01, 2011
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