Someone (more often than not American) who holds an extremely romanticised view of England and the English. Can be found putting on an Dick Van Dyke-esque English accent and saying things like 'fag'.
by Kay February 23, 2006
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A lover of things English; used pejoratively or self-referentially.

In practice, a person with an unhealthy admiration for English culture. Similar to a wigger or Otaku. Contrasted somewhat by an asiaphile whom, while lusting after either the aura or perceived accessibility of an Asian mate, generally has a non-existent or patronizing relationship with Asian culture.
Anglophiles will listen to any trashy club-pop, as long as a skinny guy from the small island poses in a "mod" suit on the poster.
by plasticman September 4, 2004
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A person who believes England has a superior or the best culture when compared to their own. See: common sense
"There's something terribly wrong with John; he said that he wasn't an Anglophile."
"Good good, send him to a psychiatrist right away!"
by Probably an Englishman June 25, 2013
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A woman who loves England, or more so anything British.
A love between England and Britt.
Britt loves britts.
Lover of all things British.
Would sell her sole for anything British.
Britt Blythe loves England so much that she would fight a seal to win a trip there is an example of an anglophile.
by Marlo18 April 30, 2012
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A limey who has the mis-guided hope that Engerland would have some moderate hope of winning a sporting event, especially when playing Australia.
Must have at least one Umbro label showing.
Anglophile: Hear we go, hear we go, hear we go... (repeat for 90 minutes cos no bastard has scored yet)
by zaccarnage February 29, 2008
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a person who favors English or British culture over their own. they consider British history, arts, music, culture, etc. (modern or historical) to be superior to their own. this person may use preferred British spelling for common words such as colour instead of color, favourite instead of favorite, centre, instead of center, grey instead of gray, etc.
"Stop obsessing over Shakespeare, you Anglophile!"

"Anglophiles are so intellectual!"

"Only an Anglophile would like that sub-par Brit-pop crap!"

by asheneyed May 7, 2008
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Someone that loves England and/or Britain.
"William is getting off to pictures of the Virgin Queen, what an anglophile cuck!"
by Auty Fife May 6, 2018
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