Mixin gas and haulin ass
“If you got a 2 stroke your mixin gas and haulin ass
by LTM Stealth December 19, 2019
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A 2 stroke is when you dip your wick(have sex) but you blow the bag ie orgasm way to quickly thats its extremely embarrassing. Worst case scenario being after one stroke in, one stroke out and its all over!! damnn
I was so embarrassed the next morning. When i had sex with my girl, i done a 2 stroke
by drew23ski October 17, 2009
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Alcoholic drink consisting of vodka and Red Bull. Usually consumed at the start of the evening but may be consumed all evening.
Hey mate I need a 2 stroke so I can lube my motor for tonight's events.
by kidonthecouch December 21, 2012
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The act of engaging in sex that is so intense you can't tell if your partner is having an orgasm or a stroke.
So after the lunch date we took the afternoon off and went back to her place for the old 2 stroke poke.
by Ranchgirls December 5, 2020
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A combination of a gal who's an expert at giving killer hand-jobs and a guy who's so aroused dat he's just about ready to blow when da gal first takes his tautly-engorged schlong in her hands, and thus she gets him off with just a single up-down rub.
If a gal has perfect timing with her hand/wrist/arm when performing a 2-stroke engine with a virile dude, it's possible for her to achieve a "synchronized plug-firing" --- i.e., doing the down-stroke on the boy's cock at the same moment as each throbbing burst of release --- during said balls-draining session. Plus if the guy's sperm-glands are fully recharged from having waited a sufficient period of time after his last ejaculation, then this "piston-cycle" operation can be performed up to maybe a dozen times for each successive spurt until the eager stud finally "runs dry".
by QuacksO August 7, 2019
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When a guy inserts his penis into a girl, but only about halfway. This is meant to tease her and warm her up for the main event.
Josh and Mindy had great sex last night. He started with a few 1/2 strokes before fucking her. She loved every second.
by reDRagon Fan September 25, 2018
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Cam had a 2 stroke and everyone called him a faggot.
by Fuxwniaa_ January 13, 2018
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