noun, a schrute is an annoying co-worker, one who specifically attaches himself to you, decides that you're best buddies, and procedes to make your work life unbearable. derived from Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute from NBC's "The Office."
Sorry, I'd have had this report done sooner, but this schrute kept interrupting me with inane questions. that's why it took me three hours to finish a project that should have taken a half-hour.
by earpuller December 30, 2005
To utterly and completely mess something up in a very irreversible manner. To fuck up big time. To make a big mistake. To make yourself look foolish. To suck a dick (no homo). To suck, period.
oh man i'm so sorry, i totally schruted that interview!
by Tatatatatony March 25, 2008
To look amazing and have a really good outfit.
"Wow ana you look Schrute af today with that mustard button up"
by Dwight.beets January 28, 2017
To mess up or make a large misake.

Made popular by the American sitcom, "The Office", it was quoted by Michael Scott, who said he was " Schruting " it. Named after fictional Dunder Mifflin employee Dwight Schrute, who frequently messes up.
Michael: " Aw, I Schruted it!"
Darryl: " Schrute what?"
Michael: "You know, Schruting it, I messed up big time, Darryl. "
by musicalman778 April 18, 2014
Quite possibly the funniest person on the brilliant comedy, The Office. Dwight is a salesman for fictional paper company Dunder-Mifflin (played by the uber-talented Rainn Wilson). He is one of the best salemen but is socially awkard but nonetheless has great confidence in himself. He is very serious and quite guilable especially things that involve science fiction and magic. He is described by Wilson himself as a "Fascist Nerd" due to his love for power, repsect for Michael Scott, and love for shows like Battlestar Galactica.
Dwight: I now have both the strength of a grown man and a small baby. (after telling of his resorption of his twin in the womb)

Dwight: I keep various weaponry strategically placed around the office. I saved Jim’s life with a can of pepper spray I had velcrowed under my desk. People say, oh it’s dangerous to keep weapons in the home, or the workplace. Well I say, it’s better to be hurt by someone you know, accidentally, than by a stranger, on purpose.

Dwight: I would make sure that you were dead. I would remove your teeth and cut off your fingertips, so you could not be identified, and they would call me the Overkill Killer.
Michael: Okay, you are way creepier than an actual serial killer.

Dwight Schrute's silly antics crack me up everytime.

by +he realist. February 4, 2009
Character from NBC's The Office, portrayed by Rainn Wilson.

Dwight Schrute is fast. To give you a reference point, he is somewhere between a snake and a mongoose and a panther.

Dwight: "Dwight Schrute. My father's name: also Dwight Schrute. My grandfather's name: Dweide Schrude, Amish. That's my family. I don't know where they came, the Amish, came from originally. Uh, Amland."
by valerie2776 June 13, 2008
the worlds best assistant to the regional manager person who loves beets and Angela
Dwight Schrute is my husband baby daddy beet lover and the regional manager
by leannthebadbish January 4, 2020