something you end up doing on the due date
Joe: "dude i worked so hard on that school project im totally going to ace it"

Michael: "oh shit i totally forgot about it"
by unusual pyro January 22, 2014
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The universal excuse for obtaining something you shouldn't have. Occasionally used for something illegal. Can be substituted for "My dad asked for me to get it for him."
Sometimes chain stores don't buy this excuse.
Store Clerk: Why do you need to buy this potassiam nitrate?
Bob: Uhhh.. school project.

Store Clerk2: Why do you need this spraypaint?
Bob: Uhhh.. school project.

Store Clerk3: Why do you need a lighter?
Bob: My dad asked me to get it for him.
by zach n January 12, 2007
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A school project Is a project a teacher gives you from your school
Teacher: were gonna do a school project you have to write 3 or more things about yourself

Me: ok here it is
My name is Chris
The most important thing to me is family
Games interests me the most
I would rather fight a horse sized duck instead of 100 duck sized horses
I play games for fun
My favorite movie genre is comedy
by bladededada August 28, 2019
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Og School Project is a group of 3 boys named Joo WooChan , Achillo , Park Hyunjin they are rap rookies and i suggest you stan these young talents in the kpop industry.
Friend: Hey have you seen Og School Project?

Me: Yeah there so lit.
Friend: so whos your bias?
Me: its to hard to choose !!

Please stan these boys they are 12 international and 13 in korea they need loyal support
by Chill But Crazy Kpop Fan Girl January 19, 2018
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When two girls are preforming fellatio, the girl proceeds to squirt and the receiver than shouts "Nico Nico Nii" and does a Tune-in Tokyo on the girl.
Man: What's with all of the cum on your face.
Woman: Me and Becky did a Love Live School Idol Project together.
by LeilaSP May 11, 2019
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