someone who constantly comments on everything on Facebook, waits watching the screen for new posts then pounces like the post predator he is.
post...hi mum
post back....hi son
the schneider would comment on this "how sweet"
by landy May 08, 2014
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An extremely creepy person; usually referred to as a man, but can also be a woman. Comes from the actor, Rob Schneider, who is rather creepy looking. Funny, but creepy.
"Who is that lurking in the darkness?"
"Eeeew, what a schneider!"

"Wow, that guy in the car next to us is such a schneider. He keeps staring!"

"Why are molesters always schneiders? Like, why do they always look super creepy?"
by sugarrrbby March 05, 2010
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to win or beat the enemies with a striking move or pose
We'll Schneider the other soccer team tomorrow
by Xtarnisher June 02, 2017
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Avi Schneider has a tiny penis
Avi Schneider looked down and tried fingering his pussy.
by Dr MJ March 04, 2020
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A smart tall handsom black boy with a big D and glasses only gets as and bs in class
by janiola November 05, 2018
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