"You need a schneider to wake you up?"
"Today, Queensland police arrested a group for a schneider production lab."
"That bogan has schneidered his teeth away!"
by LTkage May 12, 2017
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Schneider means shoe-maker in German. so it is someone who lives in Germany.. and is trying to make a living by making shoes while running away from the nazi's in the shoes they have made. it is also someone who knows how to pronounce many consonants in a row in a single word, without sounding like a dumbass
Taylor means shoe-maker in English, and Schneider means shoe-maker in German. so sucks if your name is Taylor Schneider

Schneider is pronounced SHHHHneider....NOT ssssssneider
by SOMEONEschneider April 2, 2008
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Derived from the handyman on the 70's TV show One Day at a Time, he or she is that goofball friend that makes non-stop wisecracks and doesn't take anything seriously.
Jeff always says such funny shizzle. He is such a schneider.
by KingMotan November 10, 2010
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a large white male who knows the difference between cheese whiz and african americans. he can also play bass and do the truffel shuffle.
some kid- " fatty!"
tom- " don't disrespect the schneider!" *ka punch*
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usually found on the streets of Compton and around the commons of Hemet High. A nigger who don't know shit. A fire-crotch with syphilis and a saggy ass vagina.
"Hey Schneider Get Yo' Crusty Coochie Likin Ass over here you lyin' cheatin' husband dick suckin mother fucker!"
by Bonquisha Jones January 25, 2008
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someone who constantly comments on everything on Facebook, waits watching the screen for new posts then pounces like the post predator he is.
post...hi mum
post back....hi son
the schneider would comment on this "how sweet"
by landy May 8, 2014
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That one dude we all know that gets so black out drunk the only way to describe it is by using his last name as a verb. Frequently done by someone who is too cheap to pay for their own booze but who will still complain the free drinks they are having are not as good as the free drinks they had the week before.
Ohhhhhh fuck me, I got so Schneidered last night that I woke up in the cat's litter box with my kid's tickle me elmo doll between my legs.
by cdnmale1972 November 3, 2015
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