A small pair of buttocks, either being narrow and slim, or not voluminous, or belonging to someone small. It's the opposite of big booty.

While the word is extremely self-evident, there seems to be confusion about what constitutes a small butt. The term is typically used negatively to describe what is actually a flat butt: a behind with little volume, not protruding backwards. When used positively, a small butt refers to an ass that is narrow and compact, meaning it does protrude somewhat backwards, but without the wide hips. In this case it's considered a marker of youth.
- "Are you a boobs guy?"
- "Oh, I sure like boobies, but I'm more of an ass kinda guy."
- "Awww, so you like big booty, huh?"
- "Quite the contrary: I dig small butts!"
by Monticello-W October 18, 2016
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Literally a small butt.
Maybe muscular.

Can be narrow.
Can be on a small person.
Guys sometimes don't like girls with small butt s. It's kinda rude cuz many nice and awesome girls have small butts. So guys: calm the fuck down and read the pages before you judge the cover. Jesus fuck...
by and-my-name-is-TUPAC May 5, 2015
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