small butt cheeks. Not necessarely a bad looking butt, just small.
"If my butt were any smaller I would have some schneiders"
by tigerfat May 18, 2009
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He is a very nice guy. Plays lots of intruments, very talented, smart, a class clown, ALWAYS gets into trouble, has lots of friends and a heartthrob in school. Girls be careful when you see him, you’ll fall for him instantly like I did.
Girl: Holy shit, that guy is sex on legs!
Boy: Yeahh, he’s my homie, he’s name is Schneider.
by iloverainbows<3 June 23, 2018
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a large white male who knows the difference between cheese whiz and african americans. he can also play bass and do the truffel shuffle.
some kid- " fatty!"
tom- " don't disrespect the schneider!" *ka punch*
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Verb - 1. To act like a complete non-hetero. 2. To be rejected by most forms of social culture. 3. To have a nack for failing at life.
Dude, that kid just totally schneidered himself.

Professor Broker would never be caught dead schneidering around.

Oh man, Eric schniedered the party last night. I wanted face fuck him.
by Prof.Broker105 October 23, 2008
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Whilst masterbating, you rub the tip of your penis using your thumb in successive motion.
Guy 1: Hey bro can't believe Kris told me how he masterbates. Supposedly, he just Schneider's lol. Guy 2: He probably has a curved tip ha
by El1Porter August 07, 2014
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Placing a hand into anothers armpit. It is a game to play with friends. When you place your hand in their armpit you say "Schneider!". Similar to tag. The last one to "Schneider" the other wins. There is no time limit. It is just a never ending game of torture. It is primarily meant for unsuspecting victims. Ex: They are reaching for something, not aware they are playing, holding an urn etc. Although forced Schneider-ing IS allowed.
Note:Do not Schneider shirtless people. For obvious reasons.
John is reaching for his phone. Joe sneaks behind John and while shoving his hand into John's armpit shouts "schneider".
by CaveBro June 13, 2012
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