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It is describing the hardest owning ever given by man. Only specific people can deliver a schmowning, others can be nothing more than the victim of it. When you get owned exclusively by a Schreibeis.
an example of a schmowning can not be given, due to the fact that all victims have been too traumatized by the event to ever speak of it again. However, all scmownings end with someone saying loudly and clearly SCHMOWNED!
by Drew aka Clark Kent Scribbles September 17, 2010
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-when one is seriously owned to the point of embarrasment to their families name.
-when a person with a Minnesota or Canadian accent owns you.
-owned so badly you might be considered illiterate or mentally disabled.
Random Canadian Guy example 1:" How aboot that schmowning action last round , eh?"

example 2:Dude: "Is your family ok with this total schmowning man?"

example 3: "Totally schmowned man!"
by benwithaphd October 14, 2007
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