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Noun: A schmondler is someone who is walking slow enough for you to overtake.

Verb: To schmondle or schmondling. Walking slow enough to be over taken.

Might I add that schmondlers are very very bad and should be annhilated because they are really annoying, generally because they always seem to travel in groups and take up the entire path and/or corridor. Please, I urge all you non-schmondlers to shoot these people in the backs of the head with crossbows and other such devices that launch sharp and/or blunt objects at high speeds. Thank you.
Noun. "Oh great, we're stuck behind some schmondlers. Does anyone have a crossbow?"

Verb. "I strongly suggest that you stop schmondling, otherwise i'll have no choice but to destroy you in various horribly painful ways."
by SchmondlerHunter November 06, 2009
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