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(verb, past tense) A situation where a litigant brings action against an innocent party and is found out by a judge to be bringing the case in bad faith. That party is then said to have been "scowned." Has its roots in the SCO vs IBM case.
In conclusion, you do not own the patent to filenames. Therefore, this court has no option but to record a verdict of the plaintiff having been scowned.
by The_Real_Chronos July 02, 2006
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Owning or being owned by a person with a scoped weapon or possibly a scone it's self
I just Scowned that noob.
by Randolf Scott February 21, 2009
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to be scowned is to be school and owned at the same time.
alex: hah u suck! u lost 4-1!
mike: so?... it was a hard game, what are u gonna say now?
alex: heh, u just got scowned, bitch!
by alex stricker February 14, 2005
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Another version of the word owned. Usually seen written on shoes. Pronunciation is just like owned but with an sc in front of it.
O man you guys, you all just got scowned for life!!!
by pilot120 February 25, 2007
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