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means when something goes wrong
alec hurt himself and said 'schmiggles'
by james January 15, 2004
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Mae: Could really use some schmiggles right about now.
Taylor: I'll give you all the schmiggles and snuggles in the world.
by RTfangirl12 July 09, 2018
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Pronounced "shmih-gal".

An expression of pure pleasure, happiness, excitement, affection or joy.
Eeeee, I'm so happy! Eeeee, schmiggle!!!!!
by CJoo October 05, 2008
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another word for f**k or c**t but is used when you can't swear properly
(helps if ur a scouser)
When john lennon got to heaven and god told him Mcartney was gettin all the credit for the beatles he simply said "schmiggles"
by jeremiah May 13, 2003
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Someone who is being rather annoying or is causing trouble for no reason at all.
Word similar to schmiggle are dickhead or wanker
Come on let’s leave man this guys being a total schmiggle
by Reese MacAdams February 28, 2019
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