Mae is smart but most of the time doesn't care about what happens as long as she doesn't hurt or no one one hurts her friends, she is a very loving ,loyal friend who will do anything for you. Mae is sometimes VERY dramatic but tend to always make her friends laugh, she also overthinks alot of things and blames herself alot. When it comes to crushes she is willing to wait or back off. Mae's are also very beautiful and popular girls but enjoy being alone or the comfort of her close friends.
Mae is beautiful.
by Bored aisan girl April 11, 2019
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it is either a middle name or first name that is amazing to have. it normally is very rare to meet a mae they are pretty cool and you never have a dull moment when your with a mae.
by jdkdhid March 7, 2017
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If your name is mae, your just a legend no more words said
by Maelol September 2, 2018
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Maes are outgoing and always being cheerful and happy. They make the best friends and keep them. Maes are also friendly and charismatic. They are friendly and smiling. Also a bit insecure but don't show it. Maes are really pretty and flirt without you knowing it. They don't care what other people's opinions about them. They are loyal and honest. Sometimes they are a bit clutzy and are hilarious. Great sense of humor. Also usually athletes. Very good ones.
Mae is perfect
by Tara dezbero July 11, 2013
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A beautiful sweet and intelligent girl. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Just don't try to run her over because once you do it's over. She is very confident. Has a wonderful smile and the most amazing laugh. She will surely brighten up your day. Although she may get sad sometimes she always looks toward the future. The bigger picture. She is amazing.
Mae brightens the day!
by Lala Land September 18, 2012
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Mae is a very socially awkward girl who seems quiet and well composed at first and even appears to be the model child and student. She seems to be the person who has everything in her life figured out. But once you get to know her, she is QUITE different. She is easily cracked up by every stupid joke her best friend makes and she often enjoys a good laugh at her expense. Though she tries to put on a tough face, and she is very tough dont get me wrong, she has a HUGE soft spot for one guy and one guy only. It takes her a while to open up but once she does, she will trust you completely. She hates to admit it but she adores talking about her crush because feelings make you look weak in her opinion. Physically, Mae has usually dark brown curly hair and has a beautiful face with rosy cheeks. Her eyes can melt your soul and break your heart. She is quite athletic and pretty smart. Overall, Mae is a very fun person to be around.
Mae was at a party yesterday. Did you see her there?
by Igotafatas October 26, 2020
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A very special woman who can make reality better than dreams, and make you feel alive again.
She's my everything
by Mangangso July 21, 2011
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