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Beautiful. Just beautiful. She is also kind, sweet, loving, admirable, charming, funny and a lot more. She wont give a crap if you make fun of one her friends or herself. She will always face-time you every night and stand up for you no matter what. She will help you pick out a outfit when your having a problem with that and will always make you feel like your worth something. Shes not like most people, she is different in a beautiful way. She can always know when your down, and make you feel better in a second. Her laugh and smile just make your day.If you have a Mae in your life never let go or you will regret it.
Omg she is so beautiful, I can tell shes a Mae
by litperson100604 March 18, 2017
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Maes are outgoing and always being cheerful and happy. They make the best friends and keep them. Maes are also friendly and charismatic. They are friendly and smiling. Also a bit insecure but don't show it. Maes are really pretty and flirt without you knowing it. They don't care what other people's opinions about them. They are loyal and honest. Sometimes they are a bit clutzy and are hilarious. Great sense of humor. Also usually athletes. Very good ones.
Mae is perfect
by Tara dezbero July 10, 2013
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A beautiful sweet and intelligent girl. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Just don't try to run her over because once you do it's over. She is very confident. Has a wonderful smile and the most amazing laugh. She will surely brighten up your day. Although she may get sad sometimes she always looks toward the future. The bigger picture. She is amazing.
Mae brightens the day!
by Lala Land September 17, 2012
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The most funniest girl around. She will literally say anything that comes to her mind and it will be hysterically funny. She doesn't know it but secretly all the girls are jealous of her. Also she's very smart, not really in math though. She is very hard on herself and blames herself for a lot of things. But she is the literal definition of perfection. Everyone loves Mae, and everyone wants to be her friend, if they aren't already.
"Is Mae coming to the party, because if not, count me out."
by marie.mederious May 20, 2018
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Most beautiful girl to ever exist. Fun, Happy, and Easy going. very easy to get along with. Funny, a good kisser. BIG BOOBS
Damn that Mae girl has big boobs!

Mae is so pretty i wish i was her.
by SeniorPompii May 27, 2011
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