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when michael slevin gives you a blumpkin
I just got done with my schlumpkin
by Snoop Dog August 14, 2004
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similar to a blumpkin
Whilst in a bathroom stall with a girl she proceeds to sit down on the toilet and give you a blow job and when you're all finished and she gets up you realize that she was takin a smash
i didn't even realize i was gettin a schlumpkin until she flushed the toilet...
by Johnny May 18, 2004
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when you an yo'z jankey azz bitch are having a nice time with yo gran-dady and youz wanna get away fo sum intimate dertiez, you go to da shitta she takes a derty dumpy and you proceed to eat dat fly bitchez kunt.
me and miez balla azz bitch are in taking derty double douces i schlumpkined her saucy slider.
by dertydeuces March 28, 2009
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While you are squatting in the shower your significant other is giving you a blowjob while you are taking a shit.
My wife gave me the Schlumpkin and I didn't even step on my poo.
by Nothingbutstank September 24, 2016
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