To carry heavy burdens. One who is said to unlucky or extreamly unfortunate. Also formerly a character on the popular cartoon "The Flintstones."
1. Yo, Lacey I've been a schleprock all week. First my car broke down and while walking to work a bird shit on my head. When I arrived my boss fired me and when I took the bus home I was mugged. By the time I got home my dog Lucky had died.
by Varris January 17, 2004
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A guy who breaks everything he gets his hands on
Joe: Richie crashed my computer

Mike: again? He's such a SCHLEPROCK!
by Tiltied August 9, 2020
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n. Total loser who will never amount to anything. See also "schlep"
1. Whassup schleprocks?
2. Yo! Schleprock! Fetch me some fresh coffee, and if its spit in, i'm gonna nut in your ear after assbangin' your momma.
by prodiGyBNTY March 27, 2003
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A derogotory term for a person of Irish descent, came into parlance in New York in the early 20th century. A combination of 'shamrock' and the Yiddish term 'schlep', meaning to haul. Used to describe the Irish laborers by the wealthy Yiddish speakers of New York.
"Get back to work, schleprock!"
by Evan R. Shearin August 8, 2006
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Orgasms that only lead to trouble and misery. Based on the cartoon character "Schleprock" from The Flintstones. Schleprock was always under a thundercloud and bad things always happened to him.
My friend Ward got some chick pregnant 19 years ago and married her. They soon divorced and he had to support their kid for 18 years. He counted down the days until the kid turned 18 and he wouldn't have to pay child support anymore. The kid turned 18. Ward then went out, screwed some fat chick, and got HER pregnant. Now he has to pay child support for another 18 years. He has SCHLEPROCK SPERM.
by Greyborzoi April 3, 2008
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