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A infinitesimally small unit of measurement that is of the utmost importance.
The trajectory calculations for the rocket were off by a schlegel , now it's on a collision course with the sun. titch
by thethirteenthlegion June 12, 2017
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Schlegel is a very flirty guy. He always flirts with girls, but never knows when someone likes him. Schlegel is a gentleman and always gives people respect who deserve respect. He also gives very good advice. He knows how to make a couple, but can't find anyone for himself. He is a very good person and a great person to date.
Girl: Aww you are the best person in the world, thank you for all the gifts. You are like a schlegel.
by TakeDemNotes February 13, 2018
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A sandbagging firefighter. A firefighter who thinks all emergencies are bullshit. When the bell sounds for a structure fire this guy will say, "it's bullshit" and find something to besides donning bunker gear and getting on the truck. Drive slow to emergencies in the hopes an ambulance arrives and does all the work prior to his arrival.
Ambulance crew: where were you sandbaggers we've been on scene for 10 minutes now.

Fire crew: yeah we schlegeled it.
by Dragon slayer 23 December 24, 2013
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adj. to be such a n00b, that it begins to effect your daily, non video game life.
Symptoms include (but are not limited to):
1. Seemingly permanent beer goggles
2. Inability to hear what is being said around you
3. Need of a controlling entity in ones life
Upong getting destroyed in a game of CS:
Ray: Dude, the girl at that table is so hot!
Derek: What are you talking about? That's not hot, in fact I think I now have cancer because of her ugliness.
Ray: You don't know what your talking about. I'm gonna go talk to her. (walks away)
Adam: Jeez, he really can't see anything. What a schlegel.
by Adam Rasner September 14, 2006
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