when a quarterback ends a football game by throwing an interception that results in his team losing the game
With ten seconds left on the clock, the quarterback schaubed the game.
by Scruffy Nina December 06, 2013
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To be a chicken, to run away from or refuse to engage in a situation or with another person. Usually also a coward without honour or courage. Always thinks he's won when he's lost and doesn't realise everyone is laughing at him for having less backbone than their 90yr old grandma.

Derives from the 20min fight where Brendan Schaub ran away from Roberto Cyborg Abreu.
Guy 1: Did you see that fight?
Guy 2: Hahahahah ye. It was shit. The guy schaubed for the whole time. What a dick!
Guy 1: I know right! Shaubing pisses me right off!
by CyborgBJJ June 12, 2013
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Named for the former Houston Texans' quarterback. It is the ability to throw an interception at a time and place that will completely crush any hope of victory by your team. A Super Schaub is throwing two or more interceptions in a game or throwing an interception that is returned for a touchdown.
Hey! Did you see how Orton was Schaubing in that game last night? He threw three Schaubs including that Schaubed pass at the end of last night's game?

Yeah! He totally destroyed that Cowgirls comeback attempt. I heard that Philly voted him their MVP.
by Duncanseven December 30, 2013
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1. The act of turning and running with your back turned to your opponent in a very urgent manner to escape submission. 2. To totally disengage, turn and run out of a submission or position and revert to standing some distance away out of danger. 3. A grappling technique.
Dont just let him sink in that heel hook, you gotta schaub out of that.

Schaub away from your opponent if you feel the danger coming on.
by Eric G.R. July 03, 2013
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a quarterback for the texans that kicks ass, yet he always looks stoned out his mind. so when some one looks like matt schaub, they are high as fuck. his last name can also mean a couple differnt things,

1. a badass.

2. something that looks good.

3. mistaken for shop, in andre nickatina "smoke dope and rap."
randy is such a fuckin matt schaub, he smokes way too much.

1. DAMN!!! look at that shaub.
2. ur car looks fuckin good, have you had it schaubed recently?
3. Ooh I'm high as hell from snorting that girl

Rush Mr. Cee so I could tie me up a curl

Out that shaub hoes do jock

See my Cutty in a rag I will drop top

See the freak on the block I think her name was Kim

Just stole her in the Cutty like Iceberg Slim

I said how you doin, my name is Dre Dog

You give me your number I'll give you a call

She said my hair looked proper as it blew in the wind

But I can't have her number 'cause I fucked her best friend

It's a pity I'm a nigga that just don't care

Except for my dope my money and hair
by luke gava November 05, 2009
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Royalty from Germany. Very powerful. Bad will come to those who go against them. A slave to no one no matter what you do or think.
Nothing is better then a Schaub.
by Forevorfree January 24, 2022
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