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brilliant, fantastic, awe inspiring, favourable

based on the tremendous performance by golfer Darren Andrew Points at the Nationwide Tour's Northeast Pennsylvania Classic back in june 2004.
oh man! that shot was da points!

"don't you just love cous cous?"

"yeah man, cous cous is da points!"
by Dave Shearn March 28, 2007

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a game where players imitate their favourite players from a certain sports team whilst they play out a chosen sporting scenario without any opposition.

this could be the final playoff game 32 - 0 down after the first quarter or in the FA cup final as Stevenage Borough FC 3-2 down against Man Utd.
"i'm bored man, lets go play soccer scenarios"
by Dave Shearn May 19, 2007

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a term used to describe rubbish/boring/bad instances in life
that lecture was a complete dry out.

this band is rubbish, they're drying the room out.
by Dave Shearn March 28, 2007

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